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Vacation Ownership with Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences has quickly become very popular in the last decade. Yet now, with things changing, people are looking for that second home in paradise.

With ever-changing life, ownership here has become so much more popular because people want more extended escapes. Most often in the past one week stay was normal or common yet people in Europe take one month now with many able to work rem ore why not work from the comfort of your villa while having the best weather and of course the time of your life. This now a booming trend as cheap healthcare costs and the abundance of private clinics having a second home for a portion of the year is a great deal for some.

Most people today want that second vacation home. But the pitfalls of buying a property and maintaining it and the grounds come at a price that sometimes the benefits are not as great as you would think. Imagine that you only have maybe four weeks or five weeks off if you are lucky; then you pay 100% of the cost plus ongoing maintenance. When in fact, you only use it maybe 10 to 15% of the time. Why pay that extra 85 or 90%. All you want is your piece of paradise and not be bothered with all the hassle and bother and phone calls saying this is broken or worse.

Vacation Ownership with Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences is for the ones that would like an experience that you will truly never forget.

The Hacienda Encantada Resort is located in Los Cabos, the resort is home to beautiful residences for guests, and there is also lots to see and do in the local area. Every single one of the suites is beautiful and modern while keeping a little bit of the Mexican tradition. Some of what you can find in the master bedrooms in the resort include a king-size bed, a vast tub complete with a whirlpool, the main terrace, a private recreational area, a fire pit, and a lounge area.

If you want to go for an even more superior residence, you will also have a home theatre and a game room to use, complete with a bar and winery! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the kind of place I’d never want to leave.

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There are outdoor pools and hot tubs that you can enjoy around the resort, or you can, of course, walk along the golden sands of the nearby beach, which is just a short walk away. The staff at the resort are friendly and accommodating; room service is available all around the clock, which you can use as you wish.

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There are eight restaurants in the resort – with food, including Asian, American, Chinese, and Italian. If you do not have enough to keep you busy at the Hacienda Encantada Private residences, the local area is stunning and should be explored during your time in Los Cabos.

The weather is hot most of the year-round, and the views and breathtaking. It’s important to stay active, and if you want to enjoy some activities during your time here, there is plenty to choose from, including water sports – which always seem to be very popular. You can snorkel, go kayaking, or diving in the wide-open sea surrounding the resort. Perhaps you want to get up close and personal with Whales and Dolphins during our fantastic nature experience. If you are not a massive fan of the water, there are plenty of on-land activities to try too. You can drive through the desert on an ATV, take Mexico’s fastest zip-line over the Mexican canyon canopy or even go horseback riding along the beach.

Vacation Ownership with Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences

There are two malls nearby where you can enjoy a drink, shopping, and some local entertainment.
After a long day of being busy in the resort and the surrounding area, you know you have a fantastic villa to return to. Why not enjoy a massage or spa treatment before you head to bed for the evening? Enjoy the HE lifestyle, make your booking today, and you will have the ultimate vacation to look forward to.

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