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Hacienda Encantada
Vacation Ownership

Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences Membership Security Warning

Over the last few years, global fraud has been noticeably higher and has been affecting the vacation ownership industry. We feel it is important to take the time to address some of the top scams affecting timeshare owners, in an attempt to help members protect themselves and their ownership. Also, the top industry leaders and organizations, have been making it a focal point to address scams and create warnings for developers and marketing entities, to then of course, pass on to their members. ARDA the American Resort Development Association has several articles, panels and committees that have been created to help create awareness and protect timeshare owners. Over the years as timeshare has evolved into vacation ownership, and includes different and unique benefits, fraudulent companies have looked to scam members as they do all over the world in all types of industries. Be on the look out for the following

  • Unsolicited offers – Often times these can come from companies, individuals or even individuals posing as your home resort offering to rent or resell your membership. These are all scams; there is no doubt about it. Companies guaranteeing rental or asking to prepay maintenance fees, or collecting money upfront are going to do nothing in return.
  • Companies Posing as OTA’s – OTA’s are online travel agencies. Often time scammers try and use the credibility of a real company and pretend they are representing these companies to establish trust. They claim they need weeks or units to rent and can buy them for a higher price, if, and here in lies the scam, upfront fees are paid.
  • Claiming Changes – Often times scammers will claim a change has been made to a property and in order to qualify for the new type of ownership; a simple fee needs to be paid. This is of course, never accurate and is always a scam.
  • Fake cancellation companies – The internet is riddled with companies with catchy names saying they can cancel or take back your timeshare or help you cancel it. These are mostly fraudulent firms offering a fake service for a quick $300 -$1000 price point and they cannot buyback or resale or cancel a timeshare.

So here are ways you can always protect your Hacienda Encantada Vacation ownership benefits 


Do not share contract details anywhere, on social media or with anyone. Never send money to anyone that is not the authorized service provider for your resort dues and membership payments. When in doubt, always call and ask, the resort and contact via the main website! Stay safe and secure by keeping these and reporting any new scams you identify to your home resort!

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Hacienda Encantada Vacation Ownership

Hacienda Encantada Vacation Ownership

Why is Vacation ownership so popular? When families want to take a vacation, the last thing they want is hassles! Everyone wants the perfect vacation experience. Especially this year, in a year which has been the most challenging year many have ever experienced....