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Why is Vacation ownership on so popular?

When families want to take a vacation, the last thing they want are hassles! Everyone wants the perfect vacation experience. Especially this year, in a year which has been the most challenging year many have every experienced. Breaking away from the routine and schedule to something that is stress-free and luxurious is why so many families decide to purchase a vacation ownership program. It provides the quality assurance travelers want, and the fact that vacations are assured each year for the family! Travelers can also rest assured that safety and sanitization are the utmost priority of the team at the residences and resorts!

Quality is one of the main components that set ownership at Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences apart from the rest.

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Buying a vacation online can be like venturing into the unknown. Whereas vacation ownership programs, provide priority to members and exclusive benefits not available to online travel agencies.

An owner does not have any concern as to what type of room, or location of the room they will receive, as the owner suites and residences are all pre-set. Hacienda Encantada Vacation Ownership has its many privileges. As an owner, you are treated as family and after a while everyone gets to know you. The turnover in staff is low, so friendships are made with staff and members. It ends up turning into another vacation home where you know your neighbors.

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Are there cheaper ways to vacation? Simply put, yes, yes there are. However, most vacationers do not look for the “cheapest” rate when they book, they look for the best value and quality above all else. The financial savings of ownership vs. rental are quite obvious, but the importance here also lies in the benefits and the ease owners have to reserve their vacations. Aside from the financial discounts one receives by being an owner, there are so many benefits and privileges and the fact that your vacations are guaranteed year after year. Now, more than ever, knowing what you are going to receive and having that peace of mind and security is so valuable. All safety and sanitization protocols have been put in place as well, so owners and guests can rest easy knowing their resort is ready and safe for them to enjoy paradise! There is no better time to visit or plan your trip to Los Cabos.

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