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Hacienda Encantada Vacation Ownership has so many benefits. This beautiful resort is situated on land with stunning views of both the desert and the sea, including Los Cabos’ famous rock formation, El Arco.

Visitors to the area understand that a vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico, isn’t complete without spending time in the water.

This idyllic location where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean boasts a multitude of stunning beaches and water activities.

Underwater adventurer Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the aquarium of the world, and for a good reason. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most diverse seas on the planet, with nearly 900 species of fish.

Also, on the other side of town is the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean also offers a diverse ecosystem, including several large species that migrate to the area each year, including grey and humpback whales.

Here are just a few of the things you can do in Los Cabos to check off your bucket list. These include the best ways to introduce yourself to the warm tropical waters and the sea creatures that call them home.

Hacienda Encantada Ownership Top 3 Underwater Activities

Book a snorkeling excursion to experience the beauty under the sea. Your resort can help you find a tour that suits your needs. You can relax on a catamaran ride to the snorkel location, enjoy lunch on the boat after, or book a ride to one of the local beaches where you can snorkel from shore, such as Chileno Bay or Santa Maria beach.

Happy family snorkeling

Another of Hacienda Encantada Vacation Ownership top 3 water activities include Scuba trips. Sign up for an introductory scuba diving course, allowing you to try this sport without a significant commitment. Many resorts let you begin your learning experience in the pool, so you have a thorough knowledge of the equipment.

Many Scuba diving companies offer an “Intro to Diving” course that allows you to try a short dive in the open waters with an instructor at your side at all times. Beginners go underwater less than 30 feet so they can ascend immediately to the top at any point.

Hacienda Encantada Vacation Ownership Top 3 Water Activities

Once you have a good feel for the sport, there are many adventures in the Los Cabos area to choose from. Get adventurous and join a Cabo shark diving expedition with the area’s official shark diving operator. This is not dangerous and doesn’t require diving experience.

You can choose to snorkel, swim, float with a life jacket, or watch from the boat. Shark species include Silky Sharks, Blue Sharks, Mako Sharks, and Smooth Hammerheads. With the number and variety of marine life, there’s also a chance you’ll see dolphins, sea lions, turtles, striped marlin, tuna, schools of Mobula rays, humpback whales, and more.

Hacienda Encantada Vacation Ownership Top 3 Above-Water Activities

Get out on the ocean to do some whale watching. At the right time of year, during the winter months, you can witness stunning gray and humpback whales who come south to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez to give birth to their young.

There are many tour options to get out and see these beautiful creatures, from Zodiac boats to large catamarans and even a pirate ship. Tours happen daily at sunrise, sunset, and during the middle of the day, so you can choose whatever type of trip is right for you and your family.

Humpback whale calf breaching in Los Cabos Mexico

Renting a paddleboard or kayak is also fun to experience the Cabo San Lucas Bay. So you may have to get “in” the water to start, this above-water activity allows you to combine some exercise with stunning sightseeing.

Book an excursion where tour operators will lead you to the famous Land’s End rock formations, the arch, and the sea lion colony at the end of the Baja Peninsula. Or, if you don’t want to get wet, you can always visit these sights from a panga or by taking a glass-bottom boat ride.


Another one of Hacienda Encantada Vacation Ownership top 3 water activities is learning to surf. Surfing lessons are available at several locations in the Los Cabos area. Costa Azul on the Sea of Cortes side and Los Cerritos on the Pacific Ocean side are excellent beaches with gentle enough surf for a lesson.

And when you’re done with the fun and adventure in the water, don’t forget to spend time simply laying back on one of the fantastic beaches. The Los Cabos area is a special place where the desert meets the ocean, and the options for fun, adventure, or pure relaxation are endless.

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